About us


Ossborn was born in 2006 in the world's industrial powers, Germany, since the listing of that day of, "Ossborn" brand display the triumphant return of the king of the gas and free from vulgarity of modern fashion sense of quality. Namely, inheritance inherits the European modern design style, the elegance of modern home and work. "Ossborn" stems from a high-end brand, for glory and victory, courage, confidence, most of chivalry Ossborn floor combined with German quality and strong smell, is destined to successful people respect by society and popular.

Brand was founded ten years, Ossborn as an international fashion brand of home building materials, products have been more than 40 countries in five continents, luxury, and glory of home. Ossborn floor consumers with its unique charm in the comfortable enjoy the floor and enjoy at the same time, more can feel a profound artistic aesthetic feeling of the heartstrings. Touch with your heart, every one who has Ossborn floor also can feel to belong to personal share of the glory of life.

Every "Ossborn" family members must be strictly selected, in order to represent the family. We must be made from rare tree species, can only be imported from Germany ultraabrasion resistant paint. At the same time in order to keep each member's unique, only by specialized artisans help us carving plane in pure manual mode. Time is not the most important for us, to maintain family style is our life's mission and beliefs.